Confirmit: Enhancing Customer Experience with a Digital Touch

Karine Del Moro, VP of Marketing
In today’s evolving landscape, digital pervades various spheres of human life, from social media interactions and online shopping to banking, entertainment, and travel. With the introduction of newer digital experiences, people’s way of interacting with them is changing rapidly. So is the case with business: digital interactions are now embedded in organizational processes, even in traditionally manual industries. Hence, it is crucial for enterprises to have a digital customer experience (CX) strategy in place, applying it to wider CX programs. Oslo-based Confirmit has been at the forefront of this approach to ‘holistic’ CX for over two decades, with the ability to capture feedback at every customer touchpoint built into its flexible, multi-channel platform—Confirmit Horizons. The platform caters to the need of businesses to understand the CX lifecycle from end to end. For instance, a company can analyze whether their customers interact through websites, call centers, online chat, social media, customer service helplines, or physical locations, to gain an unprecedented level of insight into what impacts their customers and how.

Confirmit offers a broad portfolio of solutions that enable its clients to not only capture, but also measure, analyze, and act on customer feedback. The firm assists organizations in every step of their journey. This includes designing a CX program, capturing feedback via multiple channels, analyzing feedback to uncover trends and insights, and finally triggering cases and initiatives to drive business outcomes. In the digital world, the key word is ‘action’. This means not just being able to close the loop of customer feedback, by addressing the causes of customer dissatisfaction, or adjusting a product’s capabilities to suit the user’s needs, but also identifying and tracking new cross-functional initiatives to improve business performance. “Our solutions are built around this concept of ‘action,’ which we consider as fundamental to best practices in the CX world,” notes Karine Del Moro, VP Marketing at Confirmit.

Of note, Confirmit’s specialty lies in its outlook to digital and CX as a whole.

Our capability to provide the right tools and the most appropriate methodologies to realize a specifically-designed CX program is what makes Confirmit a world leader

The Confirmit team believes it is no good developing technology for technology’s sake; rather, it must deliver a positive business value. By providing the link from insights to action, at both the tactical and strategic level, Confirmit is able to demonstrate the value of CX initiatives in delivering the desired business outcomes. Armed with this understanding, Confirmit brings a unique blend of solutions and services, tailored to the individual needs of different clients. “Our capability to provide the right tools and the most appropriate methodologies to realize a specifically-designed CX program is what makes Confirmit stand out from the rest,” remarks Karine.

For example, Confirmit helped a large electronics retailer meet their growing needs via Confirmit Horizons. The client was looking for a flexible solution that could offer real-time access to feedback and be fully scalable as the program expanded. Having worked closely with the client, Confirmit implemented a highly-interactive and actionable feedback program to strengthen their customer relationships. The solution also allowed store transactional data to be appended to survey data, giving the retailer a complete view of each customer. The client has now moved a step further, using Confirmit Horizons to generate a survey based on website search.

Confirmit deeply consults with all key customers to ensure its roadmap aligns with its customers’ vision of the future. Furthermore, the company deploys a squad of technology experts across the globe that is working on new trends such as AI, digital intercepts, beacon and geo-location, facial recognition and emotion detection, which are likely to digitally augment CX.


Oslo, Norway

Karine Del Moro, VP of Marketing

Designs an end-to-end platform that can quickly adapt to and anticipate new ways of interacting with customers