Apptium Technologies: Simplifying Digital Transformation

Rick Kapani, Founder & CEO
“It is an interesting time that we are living in, where the idea of digital transformation is reaching a certain maturity level in the market. Meanwhile, the business world has woken up to the reality that ‘customer experience is the kingmaker’,” begins Rick Kapani, Founder and CEO, Apptium Technologies. However, most companies fail to customize their systems according to the customer’s needs even as they spend the lion’s share on operations instead of on innovation. Apptium Technologies aims to reverse the status quo. The firm assists organizations to leverage the benefits of data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for unifying customer experiences, and augmenting operational efficiencies, and optimizing business strategies. With such capabilities, Apptium not only wins customer’s trust but also delights them by simplifying digital transformation to deliver customer experiences.

The company’s cloud-based, omnichannel low code/no code solutions optimize the customer journey at every touchpoint including the website and mobile app. These interactions help to improve the reliability and performance of online services, develop a strong understanding of consumer needs based on feedbacks, and reduce time to market for the upcoming product launch. Powered by such capabilities, the digital experience solution acts as a conduit between the customer and the organization, reducing the friction in customer interactions and simplifying the entire process. The cumulative effect bolsters the overall customer experience which in turn boosts the revenue of the organization. “Apptium Technologies’ solutions portfolio scales per consumer needs, which help organizations to configure, customize, and extend their systems to suit specific business needs,” says Kapani.

Apptium Technologies’ solutions are designed with the idea of ‘do more with less’ through which the firm has achieved a phenomenal track record of improving app development and management cycles. With solutions hosted on the cloud and equipped with Graphical User Interfaces for seamless access and control, the company enables organizations to provision their apps in an agile and flexible manner. Additionally, Apptium provides an open platform for their customers to interact with each other, discuss challenges, and adopt best practices that further reinforce customer’s trust.

Apptium Technologies’ solutions portfolio scales per consumer needs, which help organizations to configure, customize, and extend their systems to suit specific business needs

Kapani highlights the impact of their technical prowess through a case study wherein one of Apptium Technologies’ clients struggled with their huge network of 280 web portals. The organization was unable to strike a balance between cost and time owing to the sheer volume. Moreover, these portals needed constant upgradation and security checks. Through, Apptium Technologies’ turnkey solutions, the firm was able to provision applications and portals in minutes that significantly improved time efficiency while improving cost performance. “The client witnessed a steep rise in web traffic, from 300,000 to 3 million in no time,” Kapani adds.

In the journey ahead, Apptium Technologies endeavors to align with the latest technology trends. The firm invests heavily in R&D to ensure client’s business systems remain light-weight, web-oriented, and are responsive to market developments. The firm views technology as a commodity and is looking forward to the year 2020, wherein researchers have anticipated that one billion human tasks could be enacted by AI and machine learning algorithms. Apptium Technologies has a fair understanding of the development cost that it would incur; therefore, the primary objective of the organization is to device solutions that can reduce the cost. Furthermore, Apptium plans to empower the millennial workforce in the team and allow them to make important tech-driven decisions. All in all, Apptium Technologies aims to extend their value proposition to clients, partners, employees, and associates.

Apptium Technologies

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Rick Kapani, Founder & CEO

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