Top 10 Digital Experience Solutions Companies – 2022

To remodel many business processes around customers’ shifting expectations, industry leaders mainly focus on building trust through the responsible collection and data handling, creating great customer experiences.

Investing in predictive analytics, in this regard, is helping companies deliver seamless and personalized customer experiences, dive deeper into customer insights, target the right customers, and provide them with accurate product recommendations. Not just customers, industry leaders are also focusing on upskilling employees, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and automating workflows so that employees can spend more time on meaningful tasks.

Driven by these trends, the current digital experience market is expected to reach $26.93 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 14 percent.

To put the spotlight on other key developments in the industry, CIOReview illustrates how the digital experience space is transforming business workflows worldwide. This edition also features thought leadership articles from subject matter experts. Some of the exclusive insights are authored by Brian Vaughn, Sr. Director, Operation Technology and Solutions Lead at Cushman & Wakefield; and Joe Brannon, Global Director of Digital Technology at Helen of Troy. They shed light on using data to reduce environmental impact and improve people’s experience, how to ship complex user-facing features across three platforms simultaneously, and driving enterprises to become digital-first companies.

In this edition of CIOReview, we also bring to you the story of the most promising digital experience solution providers. In the list, Attach stands out for helping companies create and strengthen a digital vision that allows them to be more profitable and improve their relationship with their consumers.

We also bring you the story of CXera, delivering personalized experience sites to businesses. At the same time, Fantom Park combines global expertise in engineering, development, design, and 3D animation with brand and business strategy. Kadiska provides end-to-end network and application performance visibility into employee and customer experiences, while KNUT specializes in application development for enterprise sales, support, and marketing teams. OneSpring and Point B are experts at designing digital experiences and business transformations built on expertise, empathy, and trust. REACH optimizes client-facing processes with automated workflows with its all-in-one SaaS-based platform, and Studio Science helps businesses align their technologies and solutions according to the preferences of their target customers. Last but not least, Vantage is making a futuristic-seeming amusement park experience possible with real-time analytics.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the digital experience industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Digital Experience Solutions Companies

  • 1

    Fantom Park is a start-up offering best-in-class mobile AR services, acting as a guiding hand for organizations interested in utilizing AR for their brand. Supplying a comprehensive bundle of AR-centered innovative marketing tools and services, it uses an audience-centric agency approach to help clients understand the A to Z of AR’s capabilities with context to their own brand

  • 2

    Attach is a top-notch consulting firm focused on results for clients and allows them to make more sales, bring in better efficiency, and long-term value increase for brands

  • 3

    Enabling sales and customers to have optimum experiences through digital microsites at each step of the customer journey. CXera is revolutionizing the handoff between Sales and Services. Its solutions reduce churn and help manage relationships better and customer success KPIs to track value.

  • 4

    Kadiska is a digital experience monitoring platform, an integrated network visibility platform, and an application monitoring solution that closes the APM / NPM visibility gap. Kadiska's mission is to help enterprises maximize business performance and productivity with self-driving user experience monitoring and guided performance optimization for modern networks, applications, and cloud services.

  • 5

    KNUT is a digital experience company based in Naples, Florida, specializing in application development for enterprise sales, support, and marketing teams. The firm offers KNVEY an unprecedented solution for engineering, marketing, sales, and support that conveys the organization’s message and captivates the customer in the digital world

  • 6

    OneSpring is a design consultancy focused on designing better products and software for our clients. Their team is made up of User Researchers, User Experience Practitioners, User Interface Designers, and Accessibility Experts.

  • 7

    Point B is a global consulting firm solving the world’s most complex business challenges through leading industry expertise and capabilities. Their groundbreaking solutions are steeped in technology and help organizations realize their vision during times of dramatic change

  • 8

    REACH is an all-in-one Saas solution for remote transactions where agents and clients can talk, see, share, co-browse, upload, pay, and even verify ID, from their mobile or any device, with no downloads required.

  • 9

    Studio Science is a people-centered design consultancy. For more than 25 years, they've worked with industry-defining enterprise and technology companies to solve business challenges through design, helping clients achieve remarkable growth by identifying opportunities to design more desirable products, deliver better experiences, and convert more loyal customers.

  • 10

    The Vantage system creates a new level of guest experience that matches the digital expectation of modern customers. Vantage combines hardware and software to create frictionless and engaging experiences for guests while tracking them throughout a venue, giving amusement parks real-time info for faster decision-making and smarter planning