Top 20 Digital Experience Tech Companies - 2018

The key driving force for a business to thrive is its customers. Hyperconnected and well informed— customers of the present-day digital era are steadily becoming ever more powerful and demanding. Dubbed by industry leaders as the ‘new marketing’, customer experience is the unification of customer service, sales, and marketing. With the customer at the centre of marketing strategy, companies are on a quest to provide a rich digital experience for their customers to drive productivity and efficiency.

For a truly consumer-centric experience, organizations acknowledge the requirement of a solid customer strategy in conjunction with the technology, channels, and content to set it in motion. Now that customers are at the helm, Digital Experience Solutions are the key to overcome the challenges and reap the benefits involved with offering an extraordinary customer experience. To answer the increasing demand for digital experience solutions, countless organizations have come forward with ground-breaking solutions to assist companies in constantly engaging their customer with a pertinent and personalized digital experience covering multiple channels and touchpoints.

With that in mind, in this edition of CIOReview Magazine, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers - 2018,” featuring leading solution providers offering ground-breaking digital experience solutions. The companies featured in this issue exhibit profound industry knowledge, and in-depth expertise in delivering superior digital experience solutions while offering flexible, appealing, and consistent user experiences across every channel of an organization.

We hope this edition will be a valuable addition to your Digital Experience Solution endeavours.

Top Digital Experience Companies

AppFusions is focused on far-reaching cloud and hybrid integrated web, portal and digital experience strategies via holistic multi-system workflows, user experiences, extended app capabilities, SSO, analytics

Help businesses define digital transformation objectives and turn them into actionable market strategies

Provides a cloud-based lifecycle marketing platform that empowers local business owners with simple solutions to build and manage better customer relationships

A digital healthcare company that empowers consumers to navigate their healthcare journey with the aid of third-party vendors and latest technologies

Nanoheal delivers digital device automation software for service integrators, enterprises, managed service providers, and premium tech support companies

Qentinel provides robotic testing solutions that accelerate software creation and provide insights which help clients deliver products fast and flawlessly

Offers an advanced location detection platform that enables companies to locate and engage customers effectively


Provide the world's most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter


Helps marketers adapt to the unpredictable customer behavior so that they can send the right message when an interaction occurs


Consulting services and solutions provider leading in digital experience, business compliance and content globalization solutions


Brings a people-first approach to advanced technology, connecting thousands of brands and retailers to the voices of their customers


Helps enterprises achieve a comprehensive web presence that optimizes the customer experience


Provides fully automated software intelligence for cloud monitoring


Helps businesses engage customers and increase revenue with personalized, content-rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere


Global IT services company specialized in digital commerce and digital transformation for enterprises and product development for ISVs


Provides cloud customer engagement hub software that helps improve customer experience, optimize service process, and grow sales


Helps organizations create unique digital experiences for their customers with measurable business results by connecting digital commerce and digital marketing


Provides digital intelligence to create breakthrough results for companies in the most complex industries


Helps companies deliver seamless omnichannel customer journeys and build lasting relationships


Value-driven outsourcing company that provides digital solutions for customer engagement and retention