Top 20 Digital Experience Tech Companies - 2017

Customers are the backbone of every business. In this digital age, an exceptional digital experience is the only way to attract as well as retain customers. Though the benefits of digital transformation are clear, the road to success may not be. This is where the role of Digital Experience Solutions comes in, by offering a great digital experience for customers and tackling the challenges and benefits associated with providing an exceptional customer experience.

With the growing demand for customer experience solutions, there are several organizations in the industry offering innovative solutions for organizations to provide their customers with a consistently engaging, personalized and relevant digital experience across multiple channels and touchpoints. Delivering rich, integrated capabilities for managing web and digital content, real-time social communications, business analytics and mobile device delivery has become the core of most solutions in the industry today.

With that in mind, in this edition of CIOReview Magazine, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers 2017,” featuring leading solution providers offering ground-breaking digital experience solutions. The companies featured in this issue exhibit profound industry knowledge, and in-depth expertise in delivering superior digital experience solutions while offering flexible, appealing, and consistent user experiences across every channel of an organization.

We hope this edition will be a valuable addition to your Digital Experience Solution endeavors.

Top Digital Experience Companies

Provides holistic driver experiences by optimizing mobile technology

Provides companies with an easy onramp for digital transformation

CallVU enables organizations to deliver efficient and engaging digital customeragent experiences while improving operational efficiency

Native Salesforce-based EQMS solution for accelerating digital growth, quality and compliance into a strategic advantage

Designs an end-to-end platform that can quickly adapt to and anticipate new ways of interacting with customers

Provides an open platform for delivering a complete overview of individual customer profiles and activities

Provides solutions which help to gather customer data, maximize return on investments in physical space, and deliver compelling, dynamic digital experiences across all channels

Perfect Sense is a full-service product company that capitalizes on its enterprise digital experience platform, Brightspot to enable companies worldwide with the ability to digitally transform their business

Developing analytics to aggregate different sources of information and provide a single view of the customer

Delivering personalized, intuitive, and on-demand self-service solutions at a fraction of the cost for call centers


Develops a flexible, scalable and secure platform to develop and manage engaging, data-driven digital customer journeys easier and faster


Backbase provides platform that helps enterprises create omni-channel, customer-centric digital experiences


Provides a customer success management platform which helps to plan, manage and engage with customers


Provides platform which pools all content within one information-centric network with a consistent user interface, without media gaps or process integration issues

Cognizant [NASDAQ:CTSH]

Offers digital workplace services that helps to navigate and build a connected enterprise with better user experience, empowerment and productivity

Crownpeak Technology

Offers web content management solutions for global companies with complex digital needs


Creates and delivers interactive communications containing highly targeted/personalized content and videos that result in increased revenue, decreased costs and an improved customer experience


Provides a SaaS-based FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine which is an AI-powered personalization engine for dynamic digital experiences

Jahia Solutions

Provides a platform that manages entire digital ecosystem to innovate and deliver great customer experiences, foster internal collaboration and support dynamic business needs


Provides a platform which is available on-premises and in the cloud to enable better creation, management and publication of secure, personalized and authenticated digital experiences