20 Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers - 2021

20 Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers - 2021 


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    Customer expectations are consistently being reshaped by sweeping advances in technology and high-quality digital customer experience is expected in every brand’s online interactions. The SaaS model of DGTLsuite solves the four largest problems businesses face in meeting the demands of their customers online: digital community management, customer care service automation, creative content logistics, and actionable insights from analytics

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    Forum 360 an integrated IR, sales and distribution platform enables companies to offer an inclusive customer experience without disrupting the wholesale model. This leads to increased sales while reducing expenditure on distribution and stakeholder engagement. Forum 360 helps active asset and product managers better engage with consumers, members, shareholders and advisers. The company’s platform is a great fit for any industry that follows a wholesale distribution model but is best suited for products and services that have a high educational component such as financial services, automotive manufacturing, premium wineries, and medical devices