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Marc Wallace, Co-founder & CEO
Given the pace at which businesses intend to grow, they find the increasing need to know their customers better. Especially with technology advancements, enterprises explore every possible way to engage the right customers and at the right time. The knowledge of a customer’s exact location is a great benefit to any business today, particularly in the food and beverage industry. Knowing when a customer is in close proximity to a certain location—be it to pick up an order from, or to even have it delivered to—and using that information to map their behaviors and preferences can be highly beneficial for businesses in achieving top-notch engagement. “With some of the world’s largest brands leveraging our ability to integrate the power of proximity detection into their businesses, we are transforming the way they provide a high-level of customer satisfaction and convenience, through our customer location platform,” states Marc Wallace, co-founder and CEO of Radius Networks.

Every restaurant, casino, or hospitality service has to address their customers’ specific needs for a quick and convenient service. Radius Networks’ platform allows them to address these demands effectively by integrating proximity-enabled locators, mobile devices, and a network of wireless detectors that identify the location for delivery and prompt messaging or notification.

The platform caters to businesses that need to deliver orders at any location: the curbside and drive-through, or even inside of the store. With a simple installation, businesses can easily improve the crew and customer experience, increase revenue per-order, and significantly reduce wait times. Another crucial challenge for these organizations is to provide personalized experiences based on customer behavior. Brands also need to understand the importance of customizing their delivery systems in tune to the demographics that they are serving.

Radius Networks helps its clients focus on this aspect of personalization as well. The platform also provides data analytics and reporting tools, giving businesses the ability to make strategic decisions based on several attributes like how often specific consumers purchase and how quick they are served.

We are all about communicating location constantly to the business and providing value to the end customers

Wallace highlights a few use cases where Radius Networks’ technology accurately assists its clients. During a curbside pickup of food or groceries, customers expect that the experience is seamless, irrespective of the time required for him to reach. Radius Networks manages to precisely locate the customer at a macro level, using technologies that go beyond traditional GPS methods. Radius Networks’ solution can provide information about a consumer’s location, remind the business to prepare for the delivery based on the ETA, and convey the message once they are on-premise. “It’s important to prepare the order just in time—the customers wouldn’t expect to get their coffee delivered cold or their groceries in bad condition. Once they, say, pull into a side pickup, the system conveys to them that their order is being delivered to them. We are all about communicating the location constantly to the business and providing value to the end consumers,” adds Wallace.

Amidst several barriers such as the difference in customer behaviors, locations, and regulations, Radius Networks has spread its wings across 60 countries from around the world within seven years since they came into being; the company aims to capture the global markets with its current expansion plans, targeting locations such as EMEA and APAC regions. Their continuous investment on their R&D has enabled Radius Networks to earn 26 patents while still at its early stage; Wallace credits the immense success of the company to the efforts of his expert team. Well equipped with proven expertise, Radius Networks will also be leveraging global channel partnerships for growing its clientele.

Radius Networks

Washington, DC

Marc Wallace, Co-founder & CEO

Offers an advanced location detection platform that enables companies to locate and engage customers effectively