Agero: Actualizing Holistic Driving Experiences

Christina Derosa, Chief Product & Marketing Officer
Roadside assistance is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry for a number of reasons, starting with today’s growing rate of vehicle breakdowns.

Several factors drive this. The average age of vehicles has increased, resulting in more frequent mechanical failures. Another factor is that, in the quest to make cars more efficient, manufacturers now use synthetic materials to reduce weight, making vehicles more vulnerable to damage. To reduce weight further, many vehicles today do not have spare tires.

To help vehicle manufacturers and insurance carriers turn these challenges into advantages, Agero leverages the power of data intelligence to introduce innovative roadside assistance solutions. A leader in driver safety services enabled by intelligent technology, Agero is at the forefront of driving innovation and has partnered with major vehicle manufacturing companies and insurance carriers to bring breakthrough roadside assistance services, mobile apps, and capabilities to the table.

“Roadside assistance is an increasingly important opportunity for organizations to serve their customers. A digitally enabled and enhanced roadside experience provides a positive customer engagement opportunity,” says Christina DeRosa, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Agero.

The firm’s innovations are leading the way. VehicleAssistTM, for example, is a customizable, omnichannel, white-labeled roadside assistance platform that turns real-time data—as well as the huge dataset accumulated over Agero’s 45 years in existence—into intelligence that enhances customer experiences. Capitalizing on newer technology trends such as machine learning, cloud computing, and analytics, Agero’s VehicleAssist proactively addresses the real-time needs of customers, turning raw data into meaningful insights. It employs live tracking of the ongoing service event and features automatic triggers and watch lists to track communications and evolving situations between roadside assistance providers and drivers.

Agero’s product suite has also been instrumental in driving efficiency for insurance carriers in the aftermath of accidents. The company’s Accident Scene Management offering provides innovative digitally-enhanced processes and protocols to help carriers rid themselves of unnecessary storage fees, municipal fees, transport costs, and claims cost.

Roadside assistance is an increasingly important opportunity for organizations to serve their customers. A digitally enabled and enhanced roadside experience provides a positive customer engagement opportunity

One of Agero’s key roles is to help vehicle manufacturers build brand loyalty among consumers. The company smoothly integrates roadside assistance and other driver assistance/feedback services within a vehicles entertainment units, putting added safety and security just one touch away. This not only enhances the brand value of the vehicle manufacturer, but also serves as a tool to delight customers. Agero also maintains a pool of on-call support professionals to mitigate difficulties in the driving experience—including driver questions about increasingly complex dashboards.

Catering to drastically changing consumer expectations of digital experiences, Agero has developed natural speech and visual IVRs, which use text-based interactions to simulate an app experience to seamlessly request roadside assistance.

Safeguarding drivers is a core mission. The firm is working on a breakthrough mobile-based Automatic Collision Notification capability that is independent of in-dash hardware and can save critical minutes in emergency response times. Other areas of development include apps that evaluate driver behavior, provide feedback, and enable coaching to improve driving skills. The firm envisions offering mobile telematics insights to partners and clients in the future, inclusive of maintenance features with their huge network of vehicle repair shops.

“We aim to deliver a holistic driving experience by smartly combining mobile technology, machine learning, data science, and other emerging capabilities,” DeRosa concludes.


Medford, MA

Christina Derosa, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Provides holistic driver experiences by optimizing mobile technology